Different turntable options

It would be awesome if there was different turn table options. Like instead of just having it spin around if there was an option for it to pan a little bit to the right then bounce back and pan a little to the left. Customizable turntable. And the option to download the video instead of having to screen record.


+1 for different turntable options (eg. a camera path spiraling in, different speed easing functions etc)
+1 for saving the movie in a good framerate (even if it isn’t realtime on your ipad)

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Run through camera presets with slow in out before next cam preset……

But to be honest.
A timeline with keyframes for camera, layer and transformations (with optional slow in and out) and frame by frame rendering for best quality, a safe frame camera preview and render exact render of safe frame. You also want a undo history replay, don’t you.
A script recording with playback, like ArtRage but this time in 3D where you can play back the complete stroke step by step, not at once, to make most beautiful time-lapse, with camera overwrite, that’s what you want!
With mp4 and mov etc. in all different kind of compression.
With direct send to cloud and all important social media (with automatic adjust for common formats for insta, tik tok whatever for sure)

Jahahaha, that’s what you really want, but haven’t been brave enough to ask for that in a 17€ app…… :smiling_imp:

What was the English word for it? Opening a can of worms :rofl:

I have been surprised so often by Nomad and his master mind already. You never know.

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