Turntable! In Future?

TURNTABLE?? :eyes: :pray:t3:

I know it’s a feature that people want but for some technical reasons it’s not straightforward in my case to generate mp4 videos.
But maybe in the future.


I’d be fine just using screen record if you had a “spin rate” button. :slight_smile:


Anything might be worth it until metalness and roughness can transfer over? Easy enough to drop into ZBrush for their auto turntable option… Blender’s turntable seems like twice the work as Zbrush… but doable. That’s my pipeline… I’m sure there are more pressing developments than a turntable but was a bit sad my metalness and roughness couldn’t transfer over to ZB or Blender (yet) and can only be seen in Nomad currently… a built in turntable could guarantee that we don’t lose visual work when sharing properly. I was hoping someone brought up this topic!

You can read metalness/roughness information in blender by doing the following:


Thank you Stephomi… this is great!

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Would it be possible to instead do screen renders every X frames? On a computer using PS/AE etc. or the like its easy to assemble those into an MP4. We might even be able to do it on imovie in iOS (need to check on that).

Just wondering if that might be a work around for creating mp4s? On the plus it could maybe have transparency so we could add our own background in post.

Yes but it’s too hacky.
I prefer to either do nothing or generate the mp4 correctly.

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Come on, use the chewing gum, paper clip, duct tape approach. LOL!

OK, good to know you’d rather do it right the first time. :+1:

This is brilliant Stephomi! I didn’t know this. It is working perfectly with blender. Just a tip for others, I forgot that I have been using layers on and kept struggling trying to understand why my colours aren’t showing. It seems the export doesn’t recognise what you do in Layers.