Shadows in turntable animation

Hi, so I see that when I use turntable the shadows look unfinished… When I’m working on the model I see the shadows only render to a better look when I stop rotating the model and give it a second, but as the model in rotation is always moving it doesn’t have time to be rendered better… I guess this is more like a feature request than a bug but it would be nice to see better shadows in the Turntable, even if it needs time to pre-render before showing the Turntable.

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It’s rasterisation, when the model stops moving light and shadow are rasterised. It’s part of the live rendering process. More system intensive for calculations when the model is moving, light and shadow goes into a lower resolution sample. Nomad has to remain universal for all devices running it.

Sure, therefore a rendering option is requested. It’s a necessary step in near future, especially for slower devices I am afraid. If there once will be SSS and whatever will come else, frame by frame rendering will be the only solution to get high quality on any device, just with different rendering times.

But I do love the real time functionality and this should be always main priority imho.

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I’d like to see a rendering capability, but I think there’s reasons why it’s omitted and we don’t see anything like it across the board. One thing entirely missing from apps are loading times/bars/estimates. Even when 3D apps are doing long calculations - like voxel remesher (ive waited 10 minutes before) - show no sign of activity and pretty much looks like the software has just hanged/frozen, I personally know better and know to wait - but others might not. I can see this being an issue with a rendering function. ArmorPaint is another example. It might also be very intensive on the SoC and also consume large swathes of battery for smaller handsets. The Render Output function in Nomad is as close to that capability as we’re going to get for now I think. The idea and possibility of a cloud rendering service though - always like the sound of that (although one can only imagine the kind of pricey subscription business model that would be utilised if such a service product existed)

The main reason is that one developer, one person is doing so much more than other companies with plenty of employees are not able to. Easy as that.

So we’ll wait.

Imagine how zBrush started as a 2.5D Painting app…….22years ago!
Blender 25 years ago
3d Studio started in 1988, 33 years ago.
3DCoat 14 years ago
Procreate started 10 years ago.

Sculpt GL is there for a while, but Nomad? Less than one year?

Sometimes is good to play with numbers, just to relax yourself :vulcan_salute: