Timeline and keyframing (animation)

I would looove to have an animation feature in nomad like the upcoming blender claymation add-on:

Some people may not want to animate but other it can be useful to switch to different poses or looks if you have a timeline.

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That would require IK bones first, it’s a teally big ask and i think there are a number if things, like low-poly vertexing stuff that are higher on Stephones list.

? Bones for claymation ?

But won’t happen anyway, as far as I understand priorities.

Did you guys watch the video? It does not require rigging or weighting system. Just sculpt a shape and store it in a form of keyframe placed on a timeline.

Is there any information if it is still developed for blender?
Last info I could get was something from April.

The project is on hold for the moment. They said hopefully next to continue the project.