How about animation

I know is maybe a litle bit to far…
Since this apps can track history …
Maybe also can save frame per frame so we can make animation.

I think that will not happen, Nomad is sculpture and I think it is better to stay on that and maybe one day there will be an application for animation but for me it is better that Nomad focuses on the whole process from sculpture to painting, uv materials … etc.

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There is a little toy you can play with right now using screen recording and layers.
Add one layer
Deform your sculpt on this layer
Now turn on screen recording
Change influence of layer.
Could look like this:

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Even though nomad sculpt is not made for animation
It’s still powerful tool to make them

I already made three tutorials around this topic

iPad animation workflow part-1

iPad animation workflow - part 2

Animation on nomad sculpt

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I do some hard way
With frame per frame.
Disclaimer i not own this model.

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I dont have ipad