The enigmatic RAM

I’m using Nomad on an iPhone 11 and have been learning about the RAM limitations bit by bit. Evidently some modifications take a second to register in terms of memory but Ive just completed a fairly complex room which came very close to breaching the limit (image included). I’ve since started another and, using the same Primitives for walls, have already far surpassed the associated ram used in the last rooms walls, despite not doing any sculpting beyond sizing. Why is this?

Take a look at your mesh density (# of vertices) for the objects. More vertices = more memory. A simple picture showing the vertices of two objects of same size:

If you used the same primatives, perhaps you changed the initial topology (Division and/or Post subdivision) to have more vertices and it required more ram?

Just my guess as I can’t see the details of your scene, it’s stats, etc.

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Do you mean the attachment? And thats what’s been throwing me off- I haven’t sub divided or anything yet. Is there a reference for the ratio of vertices:RAM? And so is there any meaningful correlation between physical size and potential for detail? Or can any any amount of detail be added to a mesh despite its geometry, provided you just keep increasing the density(and obv within the range your device’s Available memory?

Vertex and face count is what matters, along with layer if you are using it.

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