Data Size Difference Between ZBrush and Nomad

ZBrush can do millions of polygons, since Nomad sculpt is mostly working on a tablet or tablet\laptop hybrid ram is restricted. Therefore is a 128K mesh in Nomad the same as a million polygon mesh sculpt in ZBrush; or is it completely different and the Nomad sculpt with always have less polygons because of the hardware which it works on ?

So it seems what you’re really asking isn’t data size, it’s ‘Is less geometry the same as more geometry?’, and the short answer is no, BUT Nomad can still handle a pretty insane amount of geometry on a good iPad. My Mini 6 handles around 10 million polygons before things start taking a toll on the poor thing, but something like an iPad Pro with its 16GB of RAM, and M2 processor can handle around 30 million before the same thing befalls it. I’m really hoping for the rumored PC version, so I can buy it again! (And potentially play with meshes that’ll make ZBrush sweat!)

I hope the explanation helps.

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How are you knowing whether you are reaching 30 million polygons, I assume you mean by voxel; as I was only able to reach 3.6 million; I could go further but that already seemed quite dense.

Sorry I missed this reply. You can tell how much geometry you’re working with in the top left corner. As for geometry vs voxel, Nomad only uses the voxel grid to generate a polygon surface during a voxel remesh operation - no voxels are actually drawn, but the density of that voxel grid will directly affect the resulting geometric complexity.

Hopefully that helps.

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