Is there a difference with ram usage and amount of polygons when working at different sizes?

I was wondering if i worked on smaller sized models, could i be able to get more details and sculpted texture’s like a full human body without using the max amount of polygons and using up the max amount of ram given by the device like an ipad pro?

I thought that if i sculpt bigger models than that would use up alot of the app and device, specifically if i wanted to do really detailed work. But if i worked on a much smaller scale wouldnt that use up less and allow for less limitations.

Scale within Nomad is measured in units which can equate to a millimetre, metre, 100 metres and so on. It’s not until you need to bring your model into a real world scaled scene or 3D print that measurements become important but the model will scale accordingly

If you want higher detail then you need a higher poly/vert count - vert points are essentially spacial co-ordinates (x,y & z locations as well as colour and material information) higher vert count means more processing is required to calculate where all those vert points are in space.

This is my very basic understanding of how 3D works under the hood and if anyone more knowledgable has better way of explaining then please feel free to correct me.

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Oh okay thanks for the advice @Steve