Texture baking question

Is there a way to increase the texture after baking? With the Normal slider under Material-Textures I can decrease it from 1.0, and basically make it disappear if I like at 0. But if I want to make it stronger or deeper, is there a way to do this? Like get it to 2.0? Not knowing exactly what this separation of texture through baking results in I understand if it might not be able to be done this way. Any suggestions on how to increase a vague texture in another way without adding more texture throught stencils? This is about increasing the actual texture on the model.

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Maybe reproject texture to high poly mesh as a layer - then clone the layer, that multiplies.

Thanks Holger! Sounds reasonable. Like I mentioned, I don’t know what that texture map actually is you get from baking, if it looks anything like a normal image texture map?

After trying: If I’m using reproject correctly by setting up an empty layer on my high res model, I get the option to reproject to that layer from the high res model (not “from itself”), but the result is garbage and looks like a low poly model (even though it’s not). Turning on and off the layer I created doesn’t change anything to the look. So that doesn’t seem to work.

Is there a way to save the baked texture and then reimport it and apply it as if I worked on it in Procreate?

Maybe use higher baking resolution…

It’s not reproject but bake that you want to use.
Otherwise show a video of what you are doing (with the bake option shown).

I’ve done the bake and that worked for getting a low res model with the correct looking texture on it. What I would like to achieve is to increase the strength of the texture. Make it deeper than it was originally.

There’s no texturing editing in Nomad.