Joining objects after baking?

Hi guys, I am not sure if this question was asked before but is it possible to join objects after baking and each object keep its own textures and normals? I have tried it but once I joined the object ( like head and eye lashes) they all lose their textures and normals and the meshes get the textures of the first object in the scene selected. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me with this and let me know if it is possible or not. Thanks so much in advance :smiling_face:

No. When you join the objects with different textures you loose all textures - only the textures of the last selected object in hierarchy before joining are used for all joined objects.

But sometimes it is useful, when you join maybe 100… instances then only one texture is used for all the objects…

It would only be possible if you could edit the UV map, but that’s not possible with Nomad at the moment.

Thanks so much Holger for your reply. I really appreciate it :pray::blush: I was just wondering if it was possible but it’s very good to hear from you that is not for now. Thanks again for answering and have a great weekend :grinning:

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