Nomad Sculpt - Bake HiRes Vertex Paint to LowRes Texture (V1.71 -25.12.2022) Tutorial

A short tutorial on how to bake the vertex paint to a LowRes Mesh Texture.


Again very usefull, thank you for all your tips!

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Do you know if texture baking affects the actual 3d geometry of the object or is it just a visual change? If you 3d printed the baked object, would it have all the details? Really useful video anyway, thanks.

For 3D printing, forget about textures. Textures are just images that are placed on the mesh.
What do you need paint for objects to print?
These images have no texture or detail influence on the mesh.
You can hide the texture in the shading menu, then you will see your object without texture - that’s what you will print.

Yes, I think I’m getting confused with bump maps, or rather displacement maps!

No bump / displacement maps in Nomad… unfortunately…