Square Grid on my 3d model when trying to use Paint Tool

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I am unsure whether this is a bug because I am new to using Nomad Sculpt. But I’ve noticed a problem while painting my model in nomad sculpt, there is an overlay of a grid which encompasses my whole model. Is there any way to remove that?

do you mean the wireframe mesh? can be deactivated here…

Hello Steve,

No, not the wireframe mesh. The wireframe is fine. I think I should show a screenshot of the problem later.
But the issue arrises when I try to Paint my model with the Paint Tool. There are thick grid pattern all over my model, its quite annoying as I can’t paint my model accurately. It kind of acts like an overlay. I’ve spent hours yesterday trying to find a solution but I haven’t found any.

Ok, screen grab would help diagnose as it’s difficult to visualise from description, also what your paint brush menu settings are just in case

You need to increase the resolution of your model by one of many ways……multi-res subdivision / voxel remesh / instant remesh etc.
As you are using vertex paint, each corner of a face becomes a colour. Think of each intersection in the same was as pixels in traditional 2D painting. The more pixels (faces) then the smoother the transition from colour to colour.
Try to find a comfortable amount for the detail you wish to do….going too crazy with polly count can hinder your devices performance.

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Sphere on left has 6000 vertices……one on right has 2 levels more of subdivision and has 98,000 vertices (6000 X 4 X 4)

Apologies Steve, i was meant to upload a screenshot that evening. But I went to check the issue & noticed that my Ipad had an auto system update. And when i opened Nomad to check, the issue went away

I should have grabbed it earlier, as the issue was pretty hard to explain.

But rest assured, I’m not facing that issue anymore. And I can paint comfortably on my model now

Thanks for your advice Bezzo, although it wasn’t related to the issue I was facing, I’ve learned an essential advice from your description, it’s very helpful :+1:t3:

No problem - must’ve been a graphics issue that was fixed in the update maybe? Hadn’t heard of it before though, could’ve been anything :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Yeah most likely. No worries, I’ll post up anymore issues I face in the future :+1:t3:

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