Painting hard surfaces

Hi there, I’ve been working on this model of a study, and I’ve hit a speed bump when it comes to painting. I made most of the model in blender on my PC, then brought it into nomad and modelled the chair. I was looking to colour the room, nothing fancy just block colours, but because I built the room with primitives it is very low resolution and vertex painting looks really weird. I have tried voxel remeshing to get more points and painting in nomad, and UV unwrapping and painting in procreate, but it’s really difficult to get clean lines between surfaces. For example painting the floor is nearly impossible with these methods. Does anyone have any tips for how this can be done better? I can take it back to blender if really necessary but I much prefer using my iPad. Thanks!

Can you provide a screen shot of how your painting ‘isnt working’

The more zoomed in the better. Perhaps a screen shot of the wireframe too. Then perhaps we can point you in the right direction :slight_smile:

You can’t paint low poly in Nomad, it can only paint on vertex.

You can use Procreate to paint the texture though.