On the promotion of coloring function

Can nomad’s coloring function increase surface coloring and UV coloring? At present, vertex coloring is not good when the grid density is small.

I’m not really sure what you mean.
But all seems to me to be as intended.

If you need more detail for vertex paint, you have to increase the vertex count. UV paint (aka texture) has nothing to do with vertex painting. Nomad has no texture painting feature - a pity I know.

Multires with linear subdivision works great for objects like this, you can paint in high resolution and then bake back to your original resolution. After that you can delete the higher linear subdivisions again.

I almost mean to add texture rendering, so that even if the voxel of the model is not high, it can draw better graphics or colors.

I know this way. :smile:

If only that was possible, I wouldn’t need Procreate. :smiley:

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I have an Ipad and procreate, But it doesn’t support 3D drawing.