Excessive banding in polypaint

I don’t know whether it’s a bug or a thing I should ask in Help section.
I have a model with lots of parts and everything is heavily painted. At some point my painting started to look like this. Banding everywhere. Is there a way to prevent this next time?
And is there a way to DEband my work?

I can’t tell if the banding is coming from the render or the paint itself but there is improvements in the next release as seen in the log Nomad Change Log - #40 by stephomi

You can test the web demo to see if the issue is fixed (you can drag n drop file directly to test) nomad - WebAssembly


Thanks again!
No, that is the unprocessed version, it also isn’t affected by resolution of the mesh.

Oh, i didn’t know Nomad had an online version. Now it’ll be easier to invite my Blender fellas =)

Never paid attention enough that I could drag and drop my files in there. Oh, I’m testing that out right now.

Resolution of the mesh has nothing to do with banding, I knew about that.
Either it’s the paint data itself or simply the rendering.
(Not sure what you mean by “processed”)

If you can drag n drop the glb inside the web demo you can quickly check if the banding is still there.

Just as FYI- the online version is ONLY a web demo. No exporting files.