Spork in the road

Adding in just a few more.

Some Halloween stuff


trick or treat :grimacing:

Didn’t realize I hadn’t updated here in so long.


Amazing models :ok_hand:

your work is as impressive as ever

Creative af!! Awesome!

Thanks again. I keep trying to improve sometimes. But sometimes it’s just fun to mess around and make something.

Here’s some more random stuff.

Started my own gelfling warrior, but never finished. Now that I’ve got hair a lot easier in Nomad, I might open it back up again.

Remake from Labyrinth

These next two were using the helmet from a trooper and the face mask from Vader as a base to create a creature head from

I didn’t realize I had that many to upload…lol.

Oops, forgot one.


Woa! Amazing! Like all the models :grinning: very inspiring!

voter travail de sculpture est toujours aussi incroyable

Thanks guys. Just more for that supposed book that will never be finished…lol.

And a couple more imaginary pages to add.

A sketch, but not my original design.

And a heart shaped heart for Valentine’s Day.