Split sculpting layer using mask (and other dumb things I do a lot)

Split using mask -
something I find myself doing often is splitting a single layer into multiples when I’ve accidentally sculpted on the wrong layer,

currently, I duplicate the layer, use a mask selection, erase part of the layer, invert mask, select the duplicate erase the other part of the layer…

this works well enough if the elements being split arent touching but has to be done very carefully if they are (I sometimes use negative sculpting layers and many duplicates to algorithmically split a layer exactly)

Split sculpt and PBR info

again I duplicate a layer, and erase all the PBR (color roughness metalicity) on one, and all of the sculpting in the other.

this is useful whenever I need to combine multiple sculpted elements while retaining separate painted details

negative smooth brushes
currently I use smooth on a layer set to negative strength for a strong “enhance detail” effect I’d love to just be able to set the smooth strength to negative

I currently LOVE the smooth + relax feature, to fix topological issues, I would love a more controlled version that let me push geometry around but have it re-project onto the previous surface

(also smooth+relax has a weird side effect that works really well for creating skin wrinkles, such as when smooth+relax occurs on extremely stretched topology)