Split command not working

Bug reports, Split command is no longer working. If i split my model it deletes to shaded half and duplicated the unshaded half. If i turn boolean off the problem is fixed however i can see the isnide of my mesh and have to voxel with causes it to no longer be fully symmetrical

Works fine for me……part on left is with boolean on, part on right is with boolean off.
Are you masking and splitting or using the split tool? Either way it works fine for me……what else is going on in your model? Maybe share the part that’s not working and we can figure it out??

It seems to be all my models. I’ve even done settings reset on both split and the whole app but nothings working.

Reset the split tool would have been my next suggestion. Post a model that it fails on & I’ll take a look.

I dont know how to post a model. I’ve only had this account for a few hours as i needed help

Click on the bottom icon when you reply & can then attach a file

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Files too big 900mb+

That maybe where your problem lies……that’s huge

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Show a screenshot

@Arkranum Did you answer this question?
If that’s the split tool (and not mask split), what shape are you using?

I’m using the split tool and i’m using line as i always have it seems only today and yesterday i’ve faced these issues

Split tool + line is broken on current release.
There’s a changelog for next release, see Nomad Change Log - #59 by stephomi

I’d suggest to use the rectangle instead and simply rotate/scale the shape with 2 fingers.

Ah ok that explains it thank you so much