Mask Split is distorting model

Hi all,

Having an issue when I try to use the Split option after you Mask. I have a gtlf model downloaded from I want to seperate the leg out from the body, but every time I try the model gets distorted into this weird sphere shapped mess. Attempted different combinations of the closing actions, but no luck. I haven’t had this issue previously and am wondering if there is something I am doing wrong?

can you share a nom file pre-split?

at a guess try with the split method set to ‘none’, just to confirm its not the hole filling algorithm affecting things.

Does nom mean a nomad file? Sorry, not super up on the lingo. Lol

Yeah, .nom file = nomad file.

The file I was working on was too big to upload here, but I think I was able to attach the original file I downloaded from Sketchfab. Basically, I took this file and sculpted it into what I needed. I tested it out and it does the same thing, turns the model into a deformed sphere. (15.5 MB)

I think you should set the HEIGHT to 0. The height setting makes the deformed sphere.
Mask extract - setting for closing Fill - Thickness 0 - Smoothness OFF
Then it is best to make a voxel remesh or press separate in the hierarchy to separate the mesh parts.

That worked! Awesome! I appreciate the help. I would not have been able to fix that on my own. Lol :sweat_smile: