Some feature suggestions

Thanks for this great app and the last big update. Dropping some ideas …

  • Remesh voxel: If the resolution doesn’t change, it would be better if the algorithm would not modify the areas of the model that haven’t changed since the last remesh, they’re currently getting a little smoother

  • “Paint all” consider channel masking and paint intensity settings

  • ZBrush type “deformations” could be added to some brush settings with a “Fill whole object” button, for example:
    *with Smooth brush the button would smooth everything or relax topology (if checked)
    *with Layer brush it could do an inflate
    *with Inflate brush it could do an “inflate ballon” type deformation
    *with paint brush it could do what “Painting/Paint all” does
    *with Mask brush … mask all

  • Layer brush: If on a layer, option to take brush reference point from the layer below so the layers don’t stack with a new stroke

  • Stroke alpha rotational scatter

  • Trim fill option that’s like a cut from camera angle

Thanks for the feedbacks!

I know it’s an issue bit it’s a bit tricky to improve.
It used to be much worse though.

Yep I will do it.

Good idea but with many brushes it would not work, for example crease or flatten.
But I’ll probably do it.

Without entering into details, the easiest for me would be to simply get the mesh without the current active layer influence.
So if your layer is on top, that would be the same you are asking.
I’ll do it and see how it goes, maybe it will be through an option in the Tool panel, but it sounds like a good idea.

Do you mean random rotation all along a sculpt operation?

Note that the behavior in ZBrush is the same as Nomad, so it’s far from trivial.
Proper booleans is probably the answer though.

I can imagine it’s tricky, especially to find some elegant method that doesn’t have to carry some big cache mesh around

Yes I meant the random rotation of the alpha.

I’m getting nice results sometimes when I do trim first, then project with the same stroke. There’s probably no way this might be automated in a sensible way but what might help with that method would be some “repeat stroke” button somewhere. I would set Trim to ellipse, trim, then Project to ellipse, then hit repeat stroke (“repeat stroke” wouldn’t have any other logic than repeat the stroke in screen space). The same button might also work for other types of strokes, e.g. you move the object or the camera in between normal drawing strokes.
Hmm. But starting to think this might become too much for the ui. It’s still so nice and lean atm.

Stand by for more idea droppings :wink:

At the risk of seeming a little spammy :hot_face:

Dumping a few more ideas I had while sculpting before I forget about them

  • SelMask tool: gradient masking with a curve in mask brush setting, used in similar way as line
    (this could work nicely for posing)

  • Quick left button (hide mask): option to hide the mask only, not make mesh invisible
    (or as an alterntive, have adjustable mask transparency in Display Settings)

  • Quick left button (remesh): just repeats last remesh, either surface remeshing or voxel remeshing

  • Gizmo: rotate in camera plane option
    (could use the grey ring)

  • Gizmo: movement steps/scaling steps for gizmo

  • Gizmo: scale negative to flip mesh

  • Reference image: for png, use transparency for overlay cut out