Solo Layer Mode

Saw a request for soloing of layers.

Was thinking maybe it could work by tapping and holding on the eyeball icon. That would solo the layer. If you tap and hold on it again it would return the visibility of the scene to where it was before.

What do you think?

Some people are using the word “layer” as “object”, do you mean actual layer?

Otherwise, there’s an option Isolate selection

Sorry I meant object. Too many 3D apps and I get my nomenclature all twisted up.

The tick box is fine, but I’m wondering if there could be a way that could even make it so you don’t have to enter the drop down to toggle it on and off for an object in the viewport?

I guess for me a version that would use tapping on the eyeball for that is more intuitive, but that’s from using PS and similar apps for a while. The tick box is more discoverable though for sure.

For now I don’t want to introduce “long hold” or “double tap” gesture on the interface.
It’s the kind of things that are not discovered easily so I’d like to avoid avoid that as much as possible.

You mean the “mask” eyeball at the bottom of the interface?

I need to think if there is a scenario where you want to display all the scene but still want to hide some masking.
If this scenario doesn’t make sense I can just keep the “hide mask” button and remove the isolate.

I don’t have Isolate selection on my version 1.30 on iOS. I checked for updates but didn’t see any. Is this not on the iOS version yet or do I need to enable it somehow?

You can go in the Apple Store on the Nomad page to force the update.