1.41 Feedback

@stephomi wrote:


1 tools: add save/load tool (click twice on the icon in the toolbox)
2 language: add chinese (language option in about panel, top left nomad icon)

3 paint: fix material eye dropper
4 paint: material list acts a bit more like a material-swatch widget

5 stroke: add tiling options
6 interface: can pin menu
7 light: add spot lights
8 inflate: fix inflate
9 lock: fix lock selection when using selector tools (Trim, Split, etc )
10 solo: update behavior when selecting objects directly in interface list
11 render: render export ignores masking and darken unselected option
12 view: view tool ignores masking

First, thanks for all new features! Great update. :vulcan_salute: :vulcan_salute:

One issue with alpha tiling and symmetry and pressure to radius switched on on IOS:

It’s just the default symmetry everyone will try first and will be a bit confusing.
Other than that, this feature is simply AWESOME :clap:
Need to play with all more!!

Edit: Seems to be a general issue with pressure on radius. Maybe just disable when screen project is on?

Edit: a fixed or optional fixed rotation for alpha would be helpful.

Ah yes pressure on radius should be disabled.

Now that I think about it, I should probably disable “screen project” for “Drag - dynamic” strokes type.
I don’t see any benefits to allow it.

A homogenous application on one big surface with exact same depth.
Easiest example is a huge plane. You have a tileable ground texture. Painting would cause visible strokes, but with drag dynamic you can go as big as you want with one stroke.
I was hoping layer brush with “use current layer offset” would do same the trick, but texture looks like welded together with layer.

But you can still do that without the “screen project” option enabled, no?

But without tiling!
Here tiles are set to 5

Edit: This update is huge! Thanks so much.
One thing for adding alpha - what about a second plus at the end of list? First is cool and obvious for everyone, but second is convenient for “old farts” :grinning:

But you don’t need to use “screen project” to do that.
Actually you would get better result with the “surface” method because you would avoid the distortion caused by the projection.
Make sure to repeat in Y as well.

I wanted to add the second plus but it looks weird when you can see both plus at the same time.
I’ll need to add it only when there’s too much alpha to fill the panel.

Understood, my bad. I thought screen project and tiling would belong together.
Need to go deeper into it before posting :pleading_face:

1/ tools
Does it make sense that clone etc. dialogue is available for view tool, or Gizmo?

Not really but it shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Is there a list of which settings are saved when saving a brush?

Alpha, lazy rope, etc?

Also, does pinning a panel just keep it from closing when you start drawing? It closes automatically when you switch panels, but then stays closed when that second panel closes. Not a huge deal, but I kind of figured the pinned panel would reopen when the second panel closes.

It seems all settings, except invert alpha?

Nice. Weird omission (oversight maybe?), but that sounds pretty great.

The alpha itself is not saved, it only references the alpha by its name.
As for “Invert alpha”, it can’t be saved because it actually change and overwrite the texture itself.

Otherwise all the settings in the “Painting” and “Stroke” menu are saved, and sometimes some in the “Tool” menu.

The settings that are not present in the preset are those who are shared between different tools (and I wanted to keep them sync), you can see the current list below:
It’s mostly the mask-based and shape-base tools.


I don’t get the tiling right. The tiles have a space between them. Can I adjust this in nomad or do I have to rework the alphas?

You need a different alpha.
Yours has a black border, that is the space you see.
What you need is a tileable or also called seamless alpha.
These alphas have seamless borders, what means they end on the left same as they start on the right. Same with bottom and top.

You can also use Mirror instead of repeat if your alpha is not seamless.

I am attempting to apply masks with a gradation alpha to a mesh in order to taper and bend the mesh. If screen project of a drag radius mask brush allows me (with symmetry enabled) to more evenly apply that mask I would appreciate that ability to be reactivated.