Layer groups/folders and deselect all layer/solo

It would be awesome to be able to group a bunch of layers in a folder and then transform them as a group. This would also make it easier to deselect a bunch of layers at the same time).

A “deselect all layers” button or “Solo layer” shortcut would be useful (for example, two finger tap or quick side swipe).

For example, I was making a Halloween skeleton. The fingers had a lot of bones and I wanted to keep the fingers grouped (not combined into a single layer). It would have been nice to select a layer group with all the bones of the hand together.

Anyway, keep up the great work! This is my new favorite app on iOS. :smiley:


Also very keen for folders feature: to be able to regularly manipulate a set of sub tools like the hand, the head, of a character for instance. Would be a massive timesaver.


Being able to select (and delete) multiple layers would also help when cleaning up some of the 3D scans I’ve been working on.