SketchUp for iPad

I’ve seen people mention it and I use it myself so thought I’d mention it - SketchUp for iPad has been released. I believe you have to have a Pro license to be able to use it though. I’ve played with it a little - it’s decent. To me, much easier than Shapr3D (for most things).


Just trying out the 7 days trial. I wouldn’t compare this to shapr. Btw cozyblanket retopology tool for ipad also released like 2 days ago.

When modeling technical details shapr has powerful solid modeling tools, especially beveling surfaces. It’s also double the price for yearly subscription.

So far I like the performance of SketchUp but navigation is somewhat awkward. In shapr or nomad it feels very snappy just orbiting around objects/scene. In SketchUp it’s somehow very slow to just orbit around some selection.

But man. What a time for cg creators using iPad . Nomad, procreate, SketchUp, shapr, cozyblanket…


I just downloaded and logged into my sketchup account…….so far it’s really good! Only issue I have are the export options. I was hoping to start creating box models in Sketchup and bring directly into Nomad but only export file type is USDZ. This can import into Procreate BUT currently crashes on imnport. I guess it needs time………

You can import a USDZ file with umake and convert it to an obj file to open it in nomad. (Of course, you will need to pay a monthly subscription for both software.)

Thanks for the response.
I found a free online converter :love_you_gesture:t3:

Is there no free or cheaper version of sketchup?

woaaaaah, I was impatiently waiting for cozyblanket I install it then I see the payment system … so I’m still going to be poor but 89 € ??? and sketchup also the big joke … as I already said it doesn’t bother to pay a reasonable price like procreate, nomad or the affinity suite but it’s just not thought for leisure …

I’m lucky to have access to Sketchup through a pro licence for PC but I agree that a “hobbyist” license would be a good idea. I’m not sure how they could reduce features for such a license without breaking the app? It’s either Sketchup or it’s not.
I’ve been using the app for the past 2 hours and it is excellent. Really good UI and works exactly as expected. A few bugs here and there but I’m sure they’ll be fixed. Import to nomad gives a triangulated mesh but it gives the least faces possible. It then exports to procreate and can be textured nicely.

To choose my dream would be blender on ipad lol. The dream does not kill fortunately.


I find my workflow has become “how can I stay on iPad” so my hobby projects don’t become sitting at PC. I work on PC all week so I want my “free” time to be comfortable, on my iPad, being creative.
I would pay LOTS for blender ipad.

Even if blender is completely free, I don’t mind spending a little too, but then it’s no longer the concept of a blender :wink: But as an amateur, a blender like on a pc, I’m ready to spend a maximum of 30€

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Another subscription bs. No thanks. I find Shapr3D incredibly intuitive… and it has a free license option.

Because of apple’s licensing and app store policies, the only way we ever see blender on ipad is if apple allows to run Mac os apps on iPad os.

I doubt apple is going to allow that as it is pretty much side loading and apple won’t give up their precious app store gold mine. Also ipad running mac os apps is effectively killing MacBook air!

So the only realistic option I see right now is someone makes a completely new DCC app from scratch dedicated to ipadOS. That is a LOT of work.

There is also onshape, less intuitive than Shapr3d but totally free.

I remember the days when sketchup was free… Then they were acquired by Google and then by Trimble. For the record, Google was not the original author of sketchup (just did a Google search and it says they were the original creators.

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Sure, Shapr3D has a free version, but you can’t import or export much from it. Only very basic models. The subscription quickly becomes needed if you’re doing anything semi-complicated. It’s a nice software, but there’s a lot I don’t like about it.

I already have a SketchUp license so using the SketchUp app is just an extension of that. Moving between desktop and mobile is very nice and is an added benefit of the subscription.

I hate subscriptions just as much as the next guy. But some people just get too worked up about them.

I’d struggle to justify Shapr3D if I had to pay for it, but they offer free educational licenses, so I play around in there a lot. It’s a really fantastic piece of software.

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Yes, I created a video about sketchup Go only for web and Ipad, if interested here my link Sketchup Go - 00 - Introduction - YouTube

Have a good day.

FormIt is a nice substitute.

Edit: It exports as obj, but somehow things where rotated when I opened in Nomad the only time I used it. Probably my fault, though…

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Both are great. Each one got different stable functions. I’ve been using NomadSculp for almost 3 years and the amount of crazy work I’ve been creating is crazy. Nomad is easy and has many strong features that makes it flexible to users (including the price)!

I found out about Shapr3d about 4 months ago. It’s an amazing app as it’s more specialized in geometric shapes or lines and dots. It’s expensive but it’s a great revolutionary tool and can compete Cinema4d and Blender in the future

Shapr3d is more like 3D modeling app but Nomad is more like 3D sculpting.