New 3D tool

Hi, today I found Womp3D seems interesting, should be work on ipad. Anyone tested?


Yooww that was sick :star_struck: it also works on Android browser

Seems that on iPad don’t work so they are fixing Safari browser, must be Chrome

hah, pretty cool! :slight_smile:

I was actually surprised that this now runs on mobile devices. A couple of days ago I was always stopped with the "we do not support touch and pen yet " screen. Today was the first day I was allowed to go further. This being said: Doesn’t make much sense on a phone. The screen is way to cluttered. Must check on my tablet. However I don’t have high hopes. My latest info is that they are working on tablet support with iPad being the priority. Android will follow later.

Womp3D looks pretty cool and follows the “Dreams” approach when it comes to modeling. It is volume based and works with a stack (i.e. the order in which operations are done is important.). So no vertices, no topology no nothing. It takes some time to get used to, but looking at Dreams it will be only a matter of time until users come up with amazing creations.

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It works if you install Chrome on iPad.

What’s surprising is that they seem to stream the rendering.
Gpu instancing is probably costly, not sure how viable it is on the long term if they scale.

Womb is similar to clayxel or mudbun (unity plugins).
But the best is probably MagicaCSG (only desktop though)


Ive used my phone for about a yesr now with nomad NOTE 20 ULTRA

Oh yeah - Nomad works perfectly fine on a phone. But Womp3D currently has an interface that is not suited for a small screen. Maybe that will change in the future.

Over the weekend I tried it on my tablet which worked way better because of the larger screen. I still like the streaming approach which seems to work really well. I just don’t see why I would use this tool on my tablet when I have Nomad.

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