Sheebs - robotic shiba

My first toon Sculpt. All nomad. Composited in procreate plus some minor touchups.


Cool! More views please. Nomad only would be fine!

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This is really good. How did you get the “Illustrated” look. Was it Procreate or Nomad for the final version.


Yeah I’ll share some more screens shortly.

The stylized look is using a few of my mat caps. Super simple ones.

I do a shadow mat cap. A base mat cap and then a highlight one. The color i use a white map cap, then can use it as a color ID mask for selections etc, Then capture them independently. In procreate I just do a simple combine ( multiply, overlay etc) and added the text, the text/details on the dog are all sculpted/stamped in nomad.

All the painting and details were in nomad. Which worked perfectly as I can quickly capture many shots and no painting needed in procreate

To achieve the more subtle painting details requires high poly count. So lots of manual decimation. The final was 18million.

Was going to pose him and do some fun shots but it’s abit too tricky posing combining parts at the moment. So he’s just standing :).

another shot of sheebs. this one i did more painting. but mostly nomad.


Here are some nomad screens with one of the base mat caps on.


Amazing work!

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Very nice matcaps. I can’t wait for some more curvature tools so that we can do more illustration type scenes. Well done.

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Clean shadows needing super high resolution most. Is that your experience in nomad as well?

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Not necessarily needing high resolution, more needing super super simple matcaps, zero softness and blending. most of mine are a flat color and a stripe across and then sharpened. So the shadows come through crisper. Also high resolution texture can help.

At the moment resolution in general is an issue so going any higher than 2k requires repainting but sounds like an update on resolution may be happening. I’m also looking at retracing in affinity/illustrator for ultra high res. But that’s a lot of work retracing it all lol.

Really nice! I must admit, being relatively new to sculpting and 3d anything for that matter, I sort of understand your explanation a little bit (maybe). I’d love to be able to emulate this. If you are ever inclined to make a video or more detailed explanation I’d be willing to donate a bit to see it.

Hey there, one day can you make video about this hard surface i wanna learn how can i improve to making a hard surface, btw I’m in love with all your job

Hey, just wanted to put it out there that Glen Southern (SouthernGFX) came out with a video today on how to get a cartoon effect using matcaps on YouTube entitled “Using Procreate to make matcaps to use in Nomad Sculpt “. Perfect timing. I now get your explanation of how you did it much better.

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Yeah, he’s video is great and pretty close to what I did :slight_smile: ! . I’ll likely post some tricks soon once for workflow is all down. Thanks!

Gary had just posted a hard surface video - it’s a time lapse but shows some good masking / scaling techniques for use in hard surface modelling in nomad.

Nice work! :+1:t2:


Happy to explain the process i went through if anyone wants if the time-lapse isn’t clear :slight_smile:


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