Time-lapse sculpt

Hi guys

So I had an idea the other day for a piece of work.

I set out to sculpt a space shuttle / big rig vehicle.

I recorded the process in a time lapse video

So here you go.


Just amended this post with a still render

I get an message that says it’s Private

Now I have access. Nice hard surface work!


It was a bit trial and error to get the look i was after.

This is part 1 of the project. I want to add so details (plate textures etc).

I’ll also be painting it and compositing it in some artwork (probably in sketchbook, maybe photoshop).

One thing I did learn from this is I would love nomad to have an “object align” feature :slight_smile:

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I notice you don’t use the insert tool, which can get you half way towards align with a little bit of luck.
Awesome hard surface work & love the end product at this stage in your design :+1:t2:

With what i was doing i had a concept sketch in mind.

And I of course referenced the big rig from ‘duel’ (great film if you’ve not seen it).

So I didn’t think the insert tool was right for what I was after so went back to more ‘traditional’ primitive modelling techniques. So thats why I have some back and forth with the booster rockets and the fuel tank. I started thinking I’d work one way, then went away, came back and thought I’d try another.

So from a work flow point of view the insert tool i didn’t feel was right for me.

But the hardest part was the curved edges on the cab. Which is where the masking and stretching technique came in. :slight_smile:

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