Raining here today, inspired me to do something with my Jeep sculpt I’ve been working on. This gobbled up a lot of ram lol


It’s supposed to be splashing around in the pothole next to the curb, minus the splashing, I had to leave it at that because of memory or lack of lol

Looks very cool. All created in Nomad?
Maybe you could decimate the mesh and save memory.
Keep a high resolution copy.

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One of the best cars I’ve seen made in Nomad!
Really good!

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I was actually doing some of that this morning, saw a couple of videos explaining that in another post and a bell went off in my head lol, but yeah all done in nomad, even made ring and pinion gears and so on, might be a little to much lol

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So cool, did you modeled it by parts, or started with a single big shape and then cut off and details?

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We want see it :grinning: details please :grinning:

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Actually started with the tub them moved in to doors, handles, and just progressed from there, making bits and pieces as I went along , got carried away a little wanted to make the entire Jeep lol trying to add everything later was just too much memory usage, starting making the interior as well, lots of work to be done yet, really could go nuts and get the small detail but again the memory lol


Insane detail! wow :sunglasses:

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Haven’t seen this detailed poly style modelling for a while.

You should see memory limitations as a protector.
Protecting yourself to get lost in every single tiny little screw :vulcan_salute: