The Gargoyle King - WIP - Experimental Composition (Rain & Fog Photoshop-like effects in Nomad)

11 days into this piece, modelling has all but finished, now entering final composition, additional visual effects and environment. Experimenting with composition. Rain droplets ideally not the ones I wanted, but hard to find other images that ticked all the other necessary boxes I needed for this piece - this one did. Hasn’t left Nomad yet.

Update: Finalised Nomad Render. Lightning strike could have been done much better, by that point though I just wanted to finish it. 13 days in total + 2 days off.


I’m sculpting a gargoyle to lol.

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Look forward to seeing yours my friend, your work is terrific.

WOW man super cool artwork!!! how many verticles in your scene?

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Thank you very much. Just a shade over 2.5 Million in total so far, 1.25GB of RAM used out of 6 (including small history stack), ive only detailed him on the front the sides and back largely haven’t been done yet, so half the polys are still to be used fully, the detail you actually see is closer toward 1.5M. The wings and tail will definitely shoot that up more when they’re done.

very cool! thanks for answering in details. its seems that you are very good optimizing your polygon count!

Thank you. The final count in total for the model was 3.7M and about 2.5GB for the Gargoyle itself. Topology is an area of 3D I understand better than other parts.

gosh i…m so bad at polygon count… i will dig more

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wow very good and detail man!

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Amazing job