Shadow strength & object distance, behaviour flipped?

One light only, painting switched off, Enviroment to 0 exposure.

Contact shadows are very weak, sometimes almost invisible in Nomad.
Sometimes it is a user mistake but generally this leads to a bit less realistic lights.
I tested around and found a kind of reverse behaviour between distance and shadow strength.
The more distance between objects, the darker the shadow. At least in above example.

This unexpected behaviour was a big advantage for lighting my SHROOOM!Sculpt .

Because of this, please do not simply reverse this behaviour. That would make this kind of lighting more complicate. Please, if you flip this behaviour, increase general strength of shadow bias that even distanced objects can generate dark shadows.
But basically the behaviour is flipped to normal “physics“, isn‘t it?
Or is it just my test scene?

My guess is you are using a huge plane so the shadow resolution is too small for sharp shadow (there is no cascade shadows in Nomad, and the fixed resolution is only 512x512).

The frame accumulate usually “smooths aways” so low resolution can allow you to have a smooth shadows, but it’s a side effect, not really a feature.

I might add smooth shadow at some point by jittering the light oriented a little bit and then let the frame accumulation do the rest of the work.



Thank you for your answer. I need to play with resolution and distance to understand, but I have a solution for dark shadows.

Interesting! Same plane like above picture but with large plane from first test below is giving same result on small high res plane like on large plane.