Contact shadows like eevee

In Nomad, render objects often look like they are not connected to ground. One crank up AO but it is often not giving the result you want. Eevee got “contact shadow” solving this and other probs. Makes a big difference. That would be super cool.

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Are you talking about light shadows or ambient occlusion?

Maybe show the setup in your eevee scene (number of light, etc).

I am by no means an expert in blender nor EEVEE.

Here is an example what it does.

No Contact Shadow

With contact shadow

I would be happy, if it would close tiny gaps.
Maybe with an option to exagerate contact area, as we are more illustrator than architect renderer :wink:

A more detailed explaination

Contact shadow

So it’s light contact shadows.

I struggle time by time to give object a solid base they stand on. Contact shadows for lights could help.