Second Nomad Sculpt ever - 90 minutes

I’m blown away at what I’m seeing is possible here on the gallery!

Still getting my hands around the tools but I can hardly wait to see what’s possible.! Couldn’t help but drop a Skeksis and take something I’ve produced traditionally before.

Welcome any comments or advice. Really wish there was a simplified AO for viewport rendering but looks like hopefully coming.


Looks like the Chamberlin Skeksis SkekSil. I Hope you continue with this sculpt! :+1:t2:


Yes SSAO is planned for next release.
It won’t be as good as proper baked ambient occlusion though.


And baked AO? When you feel like you’re about done with sculpting you could hit a button, wait a few seconds and you’d have perfect ambient occlusion. Then any further sculpting would invalidate it, which could be communicated to the user with a small notification.

So there are a number of tools that are using SSAO and that’s all I’m really looking for. Baked AO is great but for render and gallery… as long as distance and intensity is available that is a wonderful thing! Thank you Stephomi for mentioning it again, I’ve seen other users comment and you shared what you’re planning. Thank you again for this amazing tool!