Seamless Tile Sculpt

I am using Nomad very well in general situations.
However, it is very frustrating that I cannot sculpt seamless tile textures.
This feature is very necessary. If it is a paid feature, I will definitely buy it. I really need this.

I want to do the workflow for this video on an iPad, not Blender.

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While not being able to fully wrap something like a torus, you can achieve a similar result by using Holger’s method:

This is a good method, but unfortunately not what I want.
There was a similar feature proposal two years ago,
and if it isn’t a difficult problem, I hope the feature will be added quickly.

That’s a pretty cool idea. I thought maybe you could fake it by setting up 3x3 instances in a grid and sculpt across them. It sort of works, but you have to keep selecting the next instance when you paint off the edge of your current tile.

Infinite Painter app has a repeating pattern feature that ensures you get perfectly tiled textures. It’s one method of preparing tiled textures but in sure there are others.