Tattoo image over object

Hello Nomad sculpt i really injoy you app
But i am a tattoo artist and it will be really cool if you can place picture jpeg ,png file over obj in nomad sculpt .maybe there is a way but I don’t know how to do it,can you please help me on my idea to make it posible ,i cud do it in photoshop mapping a texture file of object but it would be really cool if i can do it on my ipad and show it to client .please help :slight_smile:

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Well, Nomad is a primarily a sculpting app so I’m not sure if it can do what you are asking for.

But maybe you look at Alphas, for example the first video in Stroke | Nomad Sculpt.
At the moment “Alphas” are only black-white but maybe I’ll supported colored textures that could be used as alphas.


I hope you will get there, in my opinion since it already works with the buffer and the grayscale alphas it should not be complicated (I’m not a coder lol I say that like this)

With the paint function and changing the painting method from dot to grad radius you can already do a bit of the job. It’s not ideal but for the moment I only see that as a solution, not forgetting that your mesh must be subdivided very hard to have good quality. In such a case I would activate the Dynamesh on the tattoo area only.

That would be very useful to stamp color texture information. Less need to open substance painter

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Make a wish :wink: i think is possible to approach substance painter. No need UVs just sculpt color and pose

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