Online node based texture or material generators (like substance designer or material maker)

Hello, i was hunting on those to have a solution to make patterns with ipad i have not seen a lot of that kind of “susbtance designer” like or maybe shade on ipad but mmmh. So i find this project but it not opening on ipad web browser :

there is one that i tried but i forgot the name, it only make texture, no pbr material nodes and it’s online only white minimalist interface but it do the job very well if you want seamless basic stamps, maybe somebody see what it is? ok i found it, it 's
it works but you need keyboard to use space bar to acces nodes list

you can try this one, not amazing but could be useful from time to time:

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thanks for the link, as i understand it generates maps from the images you need to feed it to. I am looking at shade on ipad but it’s not clear how much is it

Nomad doesn’t accept file texture loading in PBR as it doesn’t support UVs (yet?? :P), can i ask what app you’re using to render it on Ipad?

I was thinking of acces on nodal generator to make seamless pattern or other node made stamps masks mostly, not for rendering. Here it’s texturelab from my pc to ipad to have phyllotaxis or easy seamless or voronoi stamps for more control


sweet! that’s way more clever than what i’m doing. (I use the pattern mode in Infinite Painter to define tileable alphas) going to look into it!

I don’t know infinite painter, thanks for the info, i will try it

Infinite Painter is one option, but the clone brush is a bit tricky, and the output resolution is just a forth of project resolution. I really do love Infinite Painter and recommend it where ever I can, btw. It’s worth to test anyway.
Best painting program for seamless textures on IOS that I know is Paintstorm Studio…I use it for this task only, to be honest.

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Thanks knacki

Have you tried the pattern mode? (At the creation of the project?) I’ll check out your reco as well!

Yeah, pattern mode is what gives you forth of resolution.

Online seamless generator

For windows & Linux free node based texture editor

Online node based texture editor (not so easy to use with safari on IOS, though)

Ha that’s interesting, when I use pattern canvas on my end it gives me half the resolution i define, so if I want a tileable texture of 1k square. I need to create a canvas of 2048x2048. The output ends up being a perfect 1k square tileable texture.

However most of my alphas are usually sub 512px. Unless I also need to use them in Substance painter as stencils.

Thanks for those links, going to play a bit this weekend!

Half pixel length height means fourth resolution. :wink:

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Haha yes, mathematically correct however in my field when one says half resolution of 2k, that’s 1k, not 512. But i do get your point now!