SculptWheel for brush selection

I would love to have a sculptwheel to select the brushes, kinda like in this addon for Blender BLENDER 2.9x - SCULPT WHEEL ADDON! - YouTube its an amazing addon that speeds so much the workflow, it could be mapped to few fingers on the screen to open it from the last known stylus location.
Move to the corner to find the right brush takes a bit too much time compared to a pie menu once you know where ur favorite brushes are

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Do you know three finger drag up down for brush size adjust?
This Wheel is cool, but maybe it needs a bit different , refined concept for touch devices?

Or, making it more flexible for anyone, a quick menu like in Maya fully customisable able and saveable with different sets for different actions?

Just thinking………

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the wheel in the blender addon is fully customizable, you can change all the brushes and arrange them as you see fit. I didnt know about the 3 fingers for changing brush size, but honestly i dont think it would help much my workflow, if it could change brush intensity with sliding horizontally, it would be awesome.

It would be cool if the wheel could open if you press on the screen while touching with the pen, right now it just goes to the mid point of the 2 inputs, but i dont know if its possible to detect if its a pen input or finger input…

Three finger Horizontal for opacity was tested, but I guess for older environment rotation cancelled, don‘t know. I would love to have this two gestures for sculpting/painting as well. Environment is not that urgent to rotate via gesture imho.

PEN and finger, wasn‘t there something about incompatibility between Android & IOS. The fast development of Nomad is only possible if it stays compatible I guess?

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I use the three finger gesture to constantly rotate the light setups I use, its thoroughly useful to me personally. Happy to sacrifice the three finger shortcut though and have it as another one instead for more control over brushes. This wheel idea sounds pretty awesome.

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