Screw Mesh, Spiral primitive (bolt thread like)

I think it would be helpful for us if Nomad Sculpt has a feature like adding spiral or “bolt thread like” mesh that can be editable or customizable shape (e.g. cylindrical, triangle, square, and so on).

I really appreciate if this feature request is done, i think many users would be happy; cuz they don’t have to spend quite long time to make it.

In my experience. I’ve took a long time to make it almost perfect.

I hope you understand what im discussing about.

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Why model bolt threads in a sculpting app though? Isn’t that more CAD?
Seriously though, you can manipulate a low poly cylinder with the rotate gizmo to create a screw thread quite easily. I’m sure we don’t require a bunch of “specialist” primitive within Nomad, but maybe a twist tool would be nice? This was 30 seconds with mask & scale on my iPhone.


Bit of a simpler work around that you can use.

You can use the torus and reduce the Torus Topology division x down to 3 (or any other number to get different shapes). Uncheck constant density to add more to division y if you need more density to the curve. Validate and cut it in half. Raise one side. Duplicate, rotate back around, and slide the new part up to match the original so you have a full circle again. Simple merge and duplicate as many up or down as you need. Add a cylinder in the middle and a head if needed.


@SporkFuMaster what a nice result! I really have to follow step by step later on. I didn’t understand that much. :joy:

Generally said, screws have been done billions of times and it is easy to import even plenty of free meshes. Even Onshape has options for this.Therefore I would not necessary need spirals.

What would be interesting for creating a lot of different things precisely to what is needed for actual sculpt, is a spiral function for tube.
First detailing level:
Adjustable base radius, top radius, turns in degrees.
Second level:
with decay function to create something more vortex or lure like. More turns to less turns according to height so to say.
Third level:
Individual radius for each point. Bend :slight_smile:

That would be cool.

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A twist tube would be the best choice. I’m really not a fan of adding a specific helix primitive into nomad, that you never use more than once.