Samsung tab S7 FE performance


I am thinking in purchasing a new samsung galaxy tablet (I have a tabA from 5 years ago and it runs nomad with 5fps). Does anybody had experience with the FE and Noamad sculpt? How is the experience?

Thankyou for any advice

I have the FE and it’s running very well so far. Don’t expect to go extremely high with polycount. Up to 4 million should be okay. Anything above is up to experimenation. Think of it as a challenge: Try to get the best possible results with minimal polygon count. :smile:
The huge display is awesome.

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4million sounds great! No lag right?
With my current tab i cant go over 300k and it starts to get to slow

I just did some quick experiments. With some 3+ million quads, performance starts to tank. It also depends very much, on how you apply the resolution. Using a sphere and applying multires several times will go to 1.57 million quads and in the next step (6.29 million quads) Nomad will crash unless you delete the lower multiresolution levels.

With the FE you really will have to consider your steps carefully, when you want to go highres. Probably Dyntopo will be a good friend here, since it applies high resolution only where needed. You will also wanna be friend with the decimate function.

I’d suggest, that you consider the FE a starting point for Nomad. If you find, that you like it and wanna stick with it you definitely wanna do a hardware upgrade. At least that’s what I’m gonna do. If I’m still into Nomad in 2024 I’ll go Ipad Pro or whatever flagship tablet Samsung has to offer at this point.

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Thankyou for testing it! Well it seems that it’s perfect. I think that the FE is powerfull enough then!


I was deciding for the new S8+ with student discount (not cheap) or the FE.

It seems the FE could satisfy my need without making me broke

Im running the s7 tab.

Just checked as i wasnt sure. This sculpt was 7.2 million … plus all the paint and post processing.

I was getting minimal lag at the final stages but pretty damn decent. Im usually running other apps at the same time too

Eye spy sculpt

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