Reproject camera projection workflow question

Is it possible to render a view from a camera, make changes to the image in an editor and then reproject the changes back onto the model in Nomad?

I have been trying to come up a workflow for this, similar to camera projection, using “reproject vertex” from high res with a plane that has the edited image as a texture. The image that gets projected on the model is always skewed?

Play with rai bias settings in the reproject options.
And maybe this helps:

Thanks Holger! That is exactly what I was trying to do. Your method for placing the plane is genius! Is it important that the camera for the render be an orthographic camera? Maybe thats where I was going wrong.

I would work with the orthographic views. You can rotate the object instead. You can turn the object back with Gizmo reset.

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Orthographic is the key, your videos regarding how to do things in Nomad with precision have been a huge help thank you!