VDM type workflow?

I hacked together a way to use reproject to fake a VDM type workflow in nomad (sculpt on a layer on a plane, set layer to zero, duplicate the plane, and reproject onto an object as a “vdm”)

in the video I’m just quickly going through the re-do steps

thing is, I would love to take any arbitrary layer, and “clone” it as a vector field brush, it’d be a very powerful tool to add!


Please explain more and show a clearer example in the clip

Thanks for sharing works nicely.

It works even better if you reproject the plane to the sphere before that.

That layer preserving feature works for a lot of tricks.

@Yasin my steps were:

  • create a new layer on a plane
  • with that layer active, create a nose on the plane
  • create the sphere
  • orient the plane with the nose where you want it on the sphere
  • on the plane set layer influence to 0, so it looks like a plane again
  • select the plane
  • project the plane on the sphere (it’s in the “deci/uv” menu make sure it says “from hires (sphere)”)
  • select the sphere, draw a mask around where you want the nose to be, invert
  • project the sphere on the plane (make sure it says “from hires (plane)”)
  • set layer influence to 1 on the sphere

ps: sometimes the reproject turns orange then red then grey, not sure what this depends on


that’s pretty

@ray did a pretty exact replication of the workflow I used, the main reason I didnt just put it out there is it isnt super straightforward or reliable, the backwards projection sphere → nose could overwrite a layer, and only works if you have a fairly predictable surface you’re projecting onto

I really wish there was a way to simply sample a layer’s vector data and just re-paint it on another model / part because that would simplify this into basically a fancy (and REALLY useful) clone brush!