Tutorial: new manual retopology method in Nomad. Works on android and iOS

I’ve developed an interesting new way to manually retopologise in nomad. It started as an experiment, but the results have been good, so I’ve made a tutorial. With a little practice it’s reasonably fast, which is surprising. Hope it’s interesting. (I realise this method works better if you change reproject ray bias to 100%, everything else same as in video)


Well - time to get some scripting options for Nomad to create new tools by simply combining others :wink:

I’m always amazed what’s possible by repurposing features already available.

Although, for heads: I would simply import another head (of correct topography) and reproject (+ tweaking). However, for other structures: great find!

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That’s the interesting thing, nomad pretty much seems to have the capability for most poly modelling techniques just under the hood, so to speak. It would be great if extrude faces (which is mostly what I’m doing here) could be a single button click!

jepp - just a combination of hidded, but already-there features.

I’m rather sure: it is mostly related to the limited time a single developer has, that many features are still not there.

On the other hand: more tools/features require maintenance, clutter the interface, etc. And to be honest: many feature requests here are for specific workflows and needs only.
However, I see an option for additional incomes for the developer. Just consider to provide plugins developed by him, available for a low fee. Providing some advanced features, only a subgroup of people use/need. Far better than subscription systems.

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I used this new technique to make this 3600 vert mesh in nomad

.And here it is with normal and color maps baked

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Nice workflow, in some situations could be very useful and interesting to use. :ok_hand: