Replace at center button and block move-rotate -scale button

Hello, and thanks for this beautiful app, i just saw the Glen Southern super tutorial and when he want place the eyes on is creature, like i do too, he selected the head and move it accidentally, like me multiple times. Maybe a solution already exist but if not, could it be possible to have a “replace at center” button and maybe in the object menu, on objects hierarchy, the "gismo"icon just before the pen icon could be a button we push to block or activate “move rotate scale” on this particular object? if the question is already asked i sorry, anyway it’s a very cool app bought it on android phone and ipad


Maybe a solution already exist but if not, could it be possible to have a “replace at center” button and maybe in the object menu

Yes there’s a option that does that, in the Gizmo settings (Tool panel).

Depending of what you want to achieve, “Move origin” or “Reset” should do work.

Something I noticed is that people don’t seem to understand that the “top of the Tool menu” is specific to the current tool.
Typically many user are asking “where are the masking operation”.

Maybe I should replace the “pencil icon” with a small preview of the icon tool and a smaller pencil.
Or maybe adding another menu dedicated to specific tool-action and keep the pencil menu reserved for Stroke management.

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Thanks for the feed back, it works fine :slight_smile:
at first instinct i tryed to go to object hierarchy to have action to the mesh and not the tool because in my head i separate the brushes from the gismo for move rotate scale but, i will adapt to this method too without problem.
But yes, you are right, maybe the pencil icon on top could be the icon tool you selected.

I think if you double tap on the icon, it should bring up the settings. It’s been confusing having to select one of the tool icons, then remember “oh, i have to go up to the top menu and figure out which menu i need to deep dive into”, and then, some of the important stuff you need to scroll down to find. I know you are addressing that last issue in the update, for example, when modifying primitive attributes before validation.

I’m not a big fan of double tapping the UI.

Typically double tapping to focus the camera is very useful but I’m sure many aren’t aware of this feature.
For UI it could be even worse.

I’ve added a small tweak on the next release that hopefully will help with feature discovery.
If it’s not enough I’ll rethink.

How about a simple click and hold on the icon to reveal its settings? That would be better than a double tap actually.

Can I make a suggestion for the current tool, specifically brushes? Make one area for the settings of the active brush selected, all in one centralized location. Keep settings close to the rest of the brush options with size and strength. Get rid of the current tool location and move it to the left. This way, all things pertaining to the brush are right together. Settings for gizmo and other global settings, keep at the top. (Sorry, it will allow me to only post one image)

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@bluerei I was thinking the same thing. However since brush management still needs to arrive in a future update, I imagine these settings popups will be improved and modified plenty still.

If I add some buttons on the left, it will be through an optional shortcut, similarly to alpha/material/mask/smooth.
Otherwise it’ll be a nightmare to maintain.

The reason is landscape mode and mobile phone (limited space available).
An (extreme) example:
I receive lot of UI request, mostly on “adding new stuffs on the left bar”.

For now I don’t have anything plan concerning the UI, I’m receiving too many requests so I prefer to think more about customization rather than fixed UX changes like that.


Understandable, you have a lot on your plate right now and are doing an amazing job. Definitely makes you realize why Procreate only focuses on the iPad so they don’t run into these nightmare multi-platform issues! Tools are definitely more important right now. Thanks!