Real world measurements and cursor coordinates display


I am a coin designer at a major mint and I would love to be able to have Nomad sculpt in my toolbox, but the only thing limiting me is the ability to scale things based on millimetres/fractions of a millimetre.

I also need to be able to see how high a part of my surface is on the Z axis.

If there was a cursor coordinates display option that could be attached to stats that would be awesome. Just an x,y,z readout of where your cursor last touched would be enough.

If these 2 things were in Nomad Sculpt it would make me a very happy coin designer!


Meanwhile you could do a measured coordinate ruler model in you fav prog and import this to Nomad. This way you could “calibrate” the internal measure tool by comparing with the important model.

It’s not the coolest ever workaround but done very often in apps missing the measurement tools, unit setup, one wants to.

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Thanks for the suggestion.

That is an option but doesn’t seem very precise.With coin production it has to be exact.

Also having to use the measure tool every time I need to check how high the relief is would take forever.

While sculpting a coin you might only have .3 of a millimetre max relief height and for different bumps and crevices to be read correctly and not be destroyed by the polishing process they need to be at least .03 of a millimetre.

As you can probably tell I am constantly checking the relief height while sculpting.

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As well as Knacki’s external ruler solution, you could use a set of planes set at different “heights”.

You can easily input heights in the transform menu (see pic attached) with an accuracy of 0.0000. When needed, toggle the planes on/off to check your relief heights.

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That’s a good idea. Still clunky but I will give it a shot.

I might set the max height plane to be transparent, that way you will be able to tell when it is too high without having to access the objects menu.

A readout would still be great because Heights are something that have to be checked constantly.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

I gave it go.

Looks like I will have to wait for on screen coordinates. Its too clunky hiding planes to check heights.

Are the measurements in nomad millimetres?

I think the configureable measurements in Nomad are in pixels.

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Thank you. Good to know :slight_smile:

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Measurements in Nomad are in “units”. These units can represent mm / metres or whatever you like.
I don’t know how you mint your coins but I presume that is done using some sort of CAD/CAM software with ultra precision? For your work, I’d be thinking of Nomad units as 1 unit = 1mm.
I’d be really interested if you could share your process and also how the coins go from a sculpt to being minted. :+1:t2:


Very interesting explanation, thank you Bezzo.

Thanks for the explanation.

I can’t really go through too much of the process, but I can tell you that my initial sculpting happens in Zbrush.

That’s the part I’m trying to supplement with Nomad sculpt so I’m not tied to my desk.


Ok I am in love with Nomad sculpt. You really have done a great job!

I have been playing around making this guy for 3D print and I can do everything I usually do in Zbrush.

In some aspects it feels better! eg. Clay tool, curve tubes, navigation, trimming.

Unfortunately it still cant be used for coin sculpting. I tried the suggestions above but its too slow and not accurate enough.

A readout of cursor x,y,z position is all Nomad needs to be able to sculpt coins.