Measure tool

It would be sweet if it had a unit calibration option like zbrush transpose tool.

Also it would be amazing if here was also a golden ratio ruler option. soo the tick marks move dynamically based on the ratio.

What do you mean by “unit calibration option”?

Not sure how useful a ticker mark for golden ratio is, but that’s easy to add.

A way to initialize the value. Soo the order of operation would be.

1-select measure tool
2-click and drag and the value currently i guess is the world scale value

it would be cool to have an option to set a custom value. like if i create a head of a character and measure its head and set that value to 1 . soo the tick marks would correspond to that value. Tick marks would be needed aswell.

I use a golden ratio calipers all the time when i’m sculpting in real clay, also i use it on top of my monitor. Works real well when creating faces or quickly judging limb or landmark relationships fast.

And thanks i’m having alot of fun with nomad.