Rulers and unit measurements

I would love to one day see unit measurements added to this app
So that I can send models off to print using the correct scale ratios.
Would anybody else like to see this added to NS?


I would like to see this too. I’m in the toy/collectibles industry so this would be pretty handy to have. The goal would be to do everything in Nomad.

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I am a jeweller and my industry is now creating casting models or 3D
Printing directly in precious metals, so adding rulers and measuring units to
The interface would be a great help, when creating settings and ring
Shanks to scale, ready for printing.


Just so you know I’ll add a measure tool for next release.
it’ll be very simple, just distance between 2 point on the mesh.

However the release might take some time since I’m improve the rendering stuff, which is a big task.


Hi Stephane,

Oh that’s great …I was just thinking about this
A few days ago!

Thank you.

Yours sincerely

Adrianna Thomas

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Designing to scale would be a great help.

An aligning feature would be another nice touch. Kind of a 'snap to face/edge.
And an 'Align selected items to edge/center/face."


Yes, ruler would be great for 3D printing to get a first impression about the real dimensions later.
I cannot see the date of this posting, checked all settings, cannot find it yet - or did I miss it? :slight_smile:

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It’s for the next release.

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@stephomi is gonna be amazing release

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Would we be able to create primitives with dimensions that we can input?
If not is that something that can be added?

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