Adding a scale (metric)

I am fairly new to the 3D modeling art, and after trying some apps i’m just in love with nomad. Mainly i’ve been using nomad for my jewelry design process, so i’m actually kind of repurposing for my needs, wich works perfectly aside some features i’ve been craving. One of wich is the implementation of a scaling, right now you can adjust a circumference for insurance, but without a scale so getting a reference to the real world is hard sometimes, not to speak of the problems in the production process. A feature that enables you to precisely select the size and measure would be so helpful.

Nomad uses “Units” for scale. The software you choose to use the files in next dictates which kind of units it translates into.

I mostly work in metric so all my other software is set up for metric. When pulling in a model from Nomad it converts it and (for me) each unit equals one millimeter. So it’s easy for me. For you, it may be just a matter of setting up any other software you’re using to work in metric and/or millimeters.