Quest 2 version?

Very ‘pie in the sky’ but given how the Quests are android based and have processing power on par with most tablets, would it ever be a consideration to branch Nomad out to that platform?

Most VR sculpting is voxel based but programs like Kodon and mods for blender have shown that regular polygon sculpting works just as well. It’s even preferable for grab and snakehook brushes because of the controllers ‘six degrees of freedom’. Also there’s only one sculpting app on standalone Quest 2 and it looks dreadful compared to Nomad.

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I prefer to focus on mobile first, then eventually desktop but VR isn’t planned at all.
It would be too much work.

Also I feel like there is already too much sculpting app in the VR market :slight_smile:.

I am curious to know which one it is?

SculptrVR. It seems to be the only one that does actual sculpting on the Quest 2 and it’s pretty blotchy since it’s voxels on a budget. SculptrVR | Oculus Quest Platform - YouTube

Gravity Brush has some modelling but it’s more drawing in the air than shaping a mesh. While there is a lot of sculpting apps for vr but they’re all pc based.

Shapelab VR is another mesh based sculpting app on PCVR. It’s still in early access but the devs are quite active. Has a similar toolset to Nomad but still lacking some tools even 4 years after initial release. Maybe Stephane could give them a hand? :joy:

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