Nomad Sculpt WEB APP VR Viewer Option for VR Headset

It would be great if there was simply a small website or a additional option for the WebApp Demo where you could view your NOM Files in VR on VR glasses like the Meta Quest 3.
Simple walk around the object…

I would like to consider the Nomad Sculpt models as a NOM file on the VR glasses Meta Quest 3 if possible. Unfortunately, the Nomad Sculpt Web App has no VR mode … it would be great if there were a VR viewer for VR glasses in addition to the turntable function.


Hm… why not export as GLTF and us a VR-viewer?

I’m thinking of an additional feature for the Nomad Sculpt WebApp demo, simple a VR viewer view in turntable mode similar to Sketchfab VR view. So, I can drag drop the file and view it in VR on my Quest 3 directly on the Quest Browser.

…still don’t get it.

Doesn’t your quest having a browser offering VR view as soon a web page uses WebGL? Why disabling that during normal sculpt and reenabling it only in turn table view?

Can remember, during the time when Google card VR was hyped, I played around with it. But fast was bored as almost none used WebGL back then and only viewing some 3d object without interaction was all… Not to mention it was a pain, when 3d objects where shown in a page next to text.

So, I’m a newcomer to using VR glasses, but maybe you can help me. I just can’t find a browser web VIEWER app that has a VR mode. The only website is Sketchfab, which works, but that’s too cumbersome, you have to upload the objects first, etc. I’m looking for a drag drop website. Do you know such a viewer website with VR for the glasses - not a app to install?