Project disappeared

Was sculpting when the app crashed, I go to open the app and my project I was working on has disappeared. The image and file is still saved to my projects, but when I open there’s nothing in the scene it’s just empty. The project is still available in my app files as well but it doesn’t show up in the scene when opened. I wasn’t sure if it’s a bug, but was hoping there’s a way to fix it or get the project to show up.

It probably crashed when it was saving.
I suppose the scene/file was big?

Do you have a folder named “Nomad/can_be_deleted” in the Files?

I think it was over 100mb so pretty big. I do have that folder on my device, and just found the project file in there! Thanks!
Any reason why it would do that? Hopefully I can avoid it happening again :slight_smile:

Before overriding a file in « projects » it always create a temporary file in this « can_be_deleted » first,
Then it replaces the one in « projects », and only afterwards it deletes the one in « can_be_deleted ».

The reason is to have a bit more security if there is an issue while you override a save.
For example exiting the app while it overrides, etc…

If you see a file in « can_be_deleted » it means something went wrong at some point.