App crash andddd everything is gone

I was sculpting and then app crashed. After it reopen all model in scene is gone. Even load save file doesn’t help ,everything still gone. I thing it happened because Youtube was playing music in the background.

But save file thumbnail still have a last seen picture of my model. Is there anyway to recover it? If not, I’ll be fine. Practice made perfect,right?

Ps.Love your app.

Sorry about that!

Did it crash while saving?
You can send me the file at

The project file ends with glb.lz4

I send a save file as your request.

About your question, I save a file before it crashed around 3-5 min.

Ok I managed to fix the file.

It’s the second time I encountered an issue like that but I don’t know how it happened.

  • did you renamed one of the mesh? If so do you remember exactly the name and characters used?
  • do you want me to send the (corrected) file back?

I think the issue is going to be fixed for the next release, but I’m not 100% sure as I have no way to reproduce.

I didn’t rename anything.
And It would be pressure if you send corrected file back.

I hope you fix this problem soon cause your app performs so well.

Thank you again.